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Vektre Jakić


  The company is located in Pljevlja town in northern Montenegro, located on the surface

of 1346 km2 in a region rich in forests. Was privatized in 2007. and is 100% owned by the company Vektra Montenegro.

Factory complex is located on an area of approximately 17 ha (hectares), at the entrance of the city. The purpose of the company is harvesting, cultivation and processing of wood assortiments that with the

Goverment of Montenegro has an agreement on the exploatation of forest resources for a period od 30 years..

Available annual allowable cut is 140 000 m3 gross timber, arranged in 13 management unit that occupy a total area of 58 932,94 ha (hectares).



The company offered in addition to standard offers a standard outside dimmensions (the system offers).

Wood lamel

Final products of high quality,manufactured from the best dry sawwood.


The modern form of utilization of by-products in the final form of ecological solid fuels.


Offer stone products and fractions with different characteristics, according to predefined specifications.



Offer applies to four types of asphalt with certain characteristics.


 The offer includes standard features of concrete, with the possibility of using the transportation services with special vehicles.


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