The company has signed agreement with the Forest Services of the Republic of Montenegro for exploatation, cultivation and processing of wood assortments on a period of 30 years, with an average annual yield of approximately 140 000 cubic meters, gross felld timber. The planned average cuting is calculated to be about 135 000 cubic meters of coniferous wood, of wich 75 000 cubic meters from its own resources and 60 000 cubic meters through service activities other sawing wood processors. From the available own annual cuting can be obtained approximately 48 750 cubic meters, of sawn timber wood. Hardwoods are represented within about 32 000 cubic meters from their own harvest and 10 000 cubic meters of utillity slot. Bark of conifers, remains contaminated bark (branches) well as material in the sanitary felling will be used as biomass for heat and electricity.







As part of the organizational unit of the car base, as their own base for transport and local exploatation to the production process. There are vehicles Man - STICAR (transportation of roundwood from forest inventory to the warehouse - sorting), Mercedes Actros tipper (for transport of construction materials), MAN - concrete (concrete transport services), CIFA (concrete pumping services), construction machinery services construction works - construction and maintenance of road infrastructure for their own needs and service.









Plant for treatment (processing) capacity roundwood 150 000 cubic meters, where is the line of sorting of logs transported logs and sorting them according to pre-defined parameters such as (length,diametar). Manufacturer and supplier of drive technology which serves sorting is EWD Germany.







Unit drive sawn timber capacity of 150 000 cubic meters slits sawmills, and 25 000 cubicmeters of hardwood based on the eight-hour time. Production capacities allow for the provision of services other wood processors from surrounding areas. Technology and equipment that uses in the sawmill is the German manufacturer EWD. .







Storage space for the storage of staple products (products that come off the producing line of sawmill) has around 12 000 cubic meters of space for sorting all kind of lumber.






Within the company there are two unit drive : drying of sawn timber capacity of 25 000 cubic meters, which are compact with two independent units, as well as the drive for steaming wood capacity of 12 000 cubic meters. Technology and equipment of the Austrian manufacturer Muhlbock.






Within the company, the organization is designed for producing prefabricated houses made ​​of wood. The factory is under construction, and placing the plant in the production function represents the future mission of the company.






Plant for the production of wood laminated beams for production woodwork , manufacturing of laminate flooring and production of laminated panel . Plant is capacity 15 000 m3, with work in two shifts. The equipment manufacturer and supplier of technology is Weinig Group Germany .







Plant for the production of pellets is in the final phases , and more recently is expected to start pellets production . Plant capacity for the production of pellets 7.5 tonnes of pellets per hour of work . The quality of pellets is high , because in the production itself will not use the remains of the outer layer of tree , already good and clean sawdust. Manufacturer and supplier of technology for the drive peletare is the German company Amandus Kahl.






Plant for the production of pellets is in the stage of completion, and more recently is expected to start work. Plant capacity for the production of pellets 7,5 tonnes of pellets per hour. The quality of pellets is high, because in the production will use the remains of the outer layer of tree, but good and clean sawdust. Manufacturer and supplier of drive technology for pellet German company Amandus Kahl.






The thermal power plant in its present form has two boilers solid fuel capacity of 15 MW of thermal output with movable grate. The company plans to soon make a replacement boiler steam boiler with a cogeneration capacity of 15 MW of heat and 3,6 MW of electric power to the mixed fuel (biomass and lignite), as well as the execution of the overhaul of another hot-water boiler with some increse in heat capacity of approximately 5 MW. The plan is that all of the remaining parts of biomass from wood to processing round wood used for the production of thermal energy for technological needs of the wood processing and heating in winter, while approximately 20% of the heat produced to be used for electricity production.






Based on the concession at the quarry "Busnje" perform exploatation of building stone, which, in further proceedings throuhgh mobile and stationary plants treated for obtaining a fraction with a diameter of 0 to 31,5mm. Mobile plant consists of jaw crucher capacity of approximately 400 t/h, crusher of about 250 t/h and sowing with a capacity of 600 t/h. Stationary plant had a capacity of approximately 30 meters per hour purchasing comprised of a mill for processing fractions capacity of about 5 cubicmeters per hour. Thus obtained material used for sale on the market, production of concrete and concrete products as well as the production asphalt. Availability under other quarry are : JUS B.B8.003, JUS B.B2.010, JUS B.B3.100 .







Production and placement of asphalt mass obtained work in installation capacity of 35 t/h is planned to work an average of 150 days per 8 hours. This is the only asphalt unit in the territory north of Montenegro modern type, and in view of the situation in the region Drum capacity asphalt base would have been staffed in the planned volume. Asphalt base offers several types of asphalt, of which we note : AB8, AB11, AB16 and BNS22. All products asphalt mixing plants meet quallity standards: JUS U.E4.014, JUS U.E9.021, JUS B.B3.100, JUS B.B2.010.







Production of concrete is planned capacity of approximately 90 cubic meters per hour, with the annual work of 150 days with 8 hours. Products of the concrete is different depending on the customer needs and characteristics of concrete which must satisfy. Besides concrete production, the company also offers concrete products of the type of concrete blocks (two types), and in the forthcoming period it is planned to extend the range of other types of products made of concrete. The quality of concrete products are tested continuously, according to the latest data meets the standard: MEST EN 12390-3:2010/Cor.1:2012.