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Combine "Velimir Jakic" after many years of hard work went into bankruptcy at the beginning of the 90s, last centry. Attempts to restart production in bankruptcy were unsuccessful until 2006 when it carried out the privatization of the company. In June 2006, the assets of the Corporation "Jakic" based on the sales contract purchased and took over the company Vektra Montenegro Podgorica. The aforementioned company establish "Vektra Jakic" D.O.O. Pljevlja, becoming one the seven companies - subsidiaries that constitute the "mother" Vektra Group.



Sik Velimir Jakic



  • The company was founded in 1948 under the name of the forest industrial enterprise with core activity - production of sawn timber. Since the beginning of 1950 changed its name to {ip " Velimir Jakic" introduced and final processing of wood, and 12 years later the production of plywood panels. In the period since 1974, the factory began to modernize the reconstruction of infrastructure and new plant prefavricated elements. Difficulties in work starting early 90s, more precisely in 1996 introduced bankruptcy after three years in 1999 there where conditions for the continuation of business activities after the mass voucher privatization, the company is working until 2003 under the name of Corporation "Jakic" Pljevlja and mid- year more precisely in August 2003 for the second time goes into bankruptcy. It has employed around 700 workers.

D.O.O "Vektra Jakic"



  • The company was founded in 2006, purchasing KID Velimir Jakic, one of the seven parts of the Vektra Group.

    After the purchase, the company is dedicated to the complete modification of the production, installation of modern machinery and equipment for wood processing. So far, has successfully completed about 80% of planed investments, proportionally plant put into operation. Currently, the company employs about 200 workers with a permanent tendency of increase employment of young and educated people. Thecompany comprises several organiyational units, as follows :

    - Sawmill

    - Auto base

    - Asphalt base

    - Concrete unit

    - Quarry "Busnje"

    - Road construction

    - Unit for the production of pellets

    - Plantfor the production laminated beams and Energy block

    - Central maintenance

    - The use, cultivation and protection of forests

    - Common services